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Madison Ivy is head of the marketing department and has seen it all. So when Keiran and Sammy pitch a sex cream called `Orgasmo` which is guaranteed to give an orgasm `like not at any time previous to,` that babe is understandably skeptical. That is, until this babe tries it for herself. That Babe cannot resist and quickly takes up Keiran on his suggest for the `full ride`.
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Sophie is working at a local department store and this babe notices Keiran looking around in the women's section. That Guy's looking for a gift for his wife. Sophie takes Keiran around the store. That Hottie is extremely seductive during the time that that babe helps him pick out a gift. Keiran is slowly becoming greater amount aroused and that babe seduces him to the point that this chab can't control himself anymore.
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Manuel is at a ally's absolutely boring wedding and to add to his despair that guy's also saddled with the task of filming throughout the day. But as luck would have it, weddings generally make cuties pretty horny (due to hormones or smth) and our fellow has locked his sights on a hotty who fits the bill. Loulou is unstoppably sexy with large moist bazookas. Manuel's filming smth, alright!
Shay has recently divorced and luckily for her, this sweetheart gets to keep the abode. One day this sweetheart gets woken up by a pair of young movers coming to the abode to pick up her ex spouse's stuff. This Babe has always been a large fan of  younger rods and wasting no time, this sweetheart chooses the guy with the biggest jock to give her a good old morning banging.
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Claire's spouse has not been promoted in over 5 years, since the recession hit in '08 this guy has been promised time and time once more that a raise and a bonus was on its way. Claire resolves takes matters into her own hands and we find that the biggest asset in a family is not the mortgage or car but fresh Mlif slit.
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